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Our History

For more than 20 years, SKYGEN USA’s leadership team has focused on driving innovation in healthcare. Though straightforward, our vision is by no means simple: Create emerging technology and continually refine it to generate the lowest possible administrative cost, and deliver 24/7 access to critical, filterable information essential to effectively managing healthcare benefit costs.

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

SKYGEN USA’s leadership team began with Medicaid dental benefit administration and the development of customized technology, now known as SKYGEN USA’s Enterprise System. The firm, Doral Dental became one of the largest dental management companies in the nation before its sale to DentaQuest Ventures. With the tremendous success of the software platform, the team expanded the Enterprise System and its benefit management services to support additional lines of business and a wider range of healthcare payers, managed care organizations, and delivery systems.

Today, SKYGEN USA continues to challenge the status quo by offering next-generation technology-enabled solutions that power the business of healthcare through the digital age. SKYGEN USA’s innovations drive efficiencies and re-allocate more dollars for better care, creating infinite possibilities for healthcare payers, providers and members to move confidently into the future.