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SKYGEN USA Company Wonderbox Technologies Releases New Provider Data Management and Web Portal Capabilities with Enterprise System Version 6.5

New capabilities increase payers’ ability to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and manage benefit programs more effectively for providers and members.

MEQUON, Wisc. – October 25, 2017 – Continuing to deliver on its commitment to develop technology-enabled solutions that help health payers better engage with providers and members and grow their business while reducing costs, SKYGEN USA company Wonderbox Technologies today announced the release of Version 6.5 of its flagship Enterprise System benefit management platform.

Efficiently managing provider data is crucial for payers who offer commercial plans, as well as for those who manage government-funded programs. High-quality provider networks are essential for attracting and retaining satisfied members, remaining in compliance with access-to-care standards, and delivering optimal health outcomes. SKYGEN USA is a market leader in provider data management solutions, and Enterprise System Version 6.5 extends that lead even further by introducing new components to the suite of provider data management tools.

To automate the process of building and maintaining provider networks across multiple markets, Version 6.5 introduces an updated prospecting module, designed with efficiency in mind. Payers can easily import lists of provider data from various sources, create campaigns to turn prospects into viable leads, and rapidly contract with and enroll providers in networks.

Version 6.5 not only supports new efficiencies for payers, it also streamlines contracting for providers. To make it fast and easy for providers to review contract terms and join a network, Version 6.5 introduces a new contracting portal that guides providers through an intuitive contracting process. Providers enter their information just once online, eliminating paper forms that must then be re-keyed by the payer, expediting the process while eliminating the potential for human error. Providers can also electronically sign contracts, manage amendments, and join additional networks, with no need to re-enter data. This paperless, online approach aligns with SKYGEN USA’s commitment to use technology to solve big issues, as evidenced by its recently introduced centralized Credentialing Service.

“Building a high-performing provider network is critical to the success of any health plan, but every dollar needlessly spent on the process is a dollar taken away from caring for members,” said Darrin Haehle, chief technology officer and president of SKYGEN USA company Wonderbox Technologies. “The goal of all our technology-enabled solutions is to make the delivery of health benefits more efficient, including automating as many processes as we can. Version 6.5 gives payers the resources to build and manage their provider networks more efficiently and effectively, making it easier for their members to access quality, affordable care.”

Offering members mobile first online access to provider directories and healthcare benefits is another important tool for improving access to care and lowering costs. To make it convenient for members to find information about their healthcare benefits using any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device, Version 6.5 introduces responsive design technology that adjusts the layout of the web portal to the device on which it is being viewed.

Measuring and trending member access to care is vitally important for health plans, particularly government-funded plans. With Version 6.5, the Patient Access dashboard has been enhanced to include a new Dental HEDIS report, which allows plan administrators to generate reports based on the Annual Dental Visit (ADV) Healthcare Effectiveness Data Information Set (HEDIS) measure. With these easy-to-use online tools, administrators can easily analyze how often groups of eligible members receive targeted types of care, based on a wide variety of filter criteria.

Continuing the theme of fostering efficiency through intuitive design, Version 6.5 also delivers a new facility management tool, which guides users through setting up highly flexible medical facility contracts, including value-based contracts, which can be defined with different reimbursement methods, based on different types of services, delivered at various types of locations—allowing for fully flexible pricing for different types of medical claims.

Together, these and additional enhancements enable commercial and government payers to make the transition to the digital economy, and become what SKYGEN USA calls CyberBen organizations. CyberBen, a concept introduced by SKYGEN USA chairman and co-founder Craig Kasten at the recent America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid & Duals, uses technology to create unprecedented levels of program efficiencies and an information-rich environment to yield the highest outcomes for payers, providers, and members.

“Health payers are under tremendous financial and regulatory pressure as the recent conversations around healthcare reform illustrate,” said Craig Kasten. “They can no longer afford to keep large staffs on hand to perform manual, repetitive tasks such as data entry. Instead, they need to develop new efficiencies. That’s what Enterprise System Version 6.5 is designed to deliver. It addresses payers’ most pressing needs and helps them advance toward becoming CyberBen organizations.”  

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