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The SKYGENerosity charitable giving program enables SKYGEN USA employees and clients to collaborate to improve dental and vision health across our communities.

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SKYGENerosity is a charitable program that offers multiple ways for SKYGEN USA, its employees, and others to donate their time, talent, and treasure, both individually and through the company. Our employees are passionate about helping vulnerable populations with our innovative, technology-enabled healthcare solutions. Our clients are interested in having SKYGEN USA collaborate with them locally and regionally on their community programs.

As a team, we want to do more. Through SKYGENerosity, we can do more.

The SKYGENerosity program is the domestic extension of the SKYGEN International Foundation, which was established in early 2017 to find cost-effective ways to improve healthcare in underserved parts of the world.

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recent SKYGENerosity Activities

SKYGENerosity is continually seeking additional activities. Here's a look at what we've done so far! Check back often for new opportunities to give back.

march 2020

"lucky to have you" fundraiser

Milwaukee, WI

SKYGEN USA held a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser to let our co-workers know they are appreciated AND raise money for the SKYGEN International Foundation. Candy bars were available for purchase to let a co-worker know we’re “lucky to have you!” During the week-long fundraiser, over 1,500 candy bars were purchased.

February 2020

SKYGEN USA and United Way Children's Dental Health Month Drive

Milwaukee, WI

SKYGEN USA and United Way Children's Dental Health Month Drive yielded 317 items:

  • 103 toothbrushes
  • 84 tubes of toothpaste
  • 55 rolls of dental floss
  • 5 toothbrush/paste/floss kits totaling 15 items
  • 4 containers of mouthwash
  • 16 toothbrush multipacks totaling 56 toothbrushes

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If you have an idea or initiative for SKYGENerosity, contact us today.