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Providers & Provider Offices

For providers and their support staff, paperwork is more than an administrative burden. Manual processes not only increase costs, but also delay care and impede the ability to efficiently grow their patient population.

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

SKYGEN USA’s technology-enabled solutions help providers bring their practice into the digital age of healthcare with a paperless provider solution for provider data and revenue cycle management that drives efficiency, cash flow and growth in patient volume. Our solutions drive:

  • Reduced credentialing administrative burden: Provider Data Management is an on-demand solution that provides online contracting tools, provider data verification and credentialing. Our “one and done” credentialing service helps providers save time, money, and administrative burden by enabling them to add, update, and review their credentialing information and submit completed applications. Providers submit the information once, and then it can be accessed by multiple payers.
  • Streamlined billing and collections: Revenue Cycle Management enables faster billing and collections and lower administrative costs through online billing, electronic payments, online authorization and instant EOBs to improve provider and member satisfaction.