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Accelerating Value-Based Care in a Budgeted Healthcare System

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AUTHOR: Kate Grohall, Value-based product executive

If a different outcome is your goal, try something new. That’s the reality for MCOs who continue to struggle with controlling Medicaid costs. With today’s technology, you do have options for using budgeted healthcare dollars more efficiently – options that are much more effective than what you may have in place now. Value-based strategies leveraging technology-enabled solutions not only better control costs and improve quality, but also drive appropriate care while creating a more engaging patient experience.



Cost + Quality + Experience = Value

The current healthcare model disconnects the care patients receive from how providers are paid. Value-based strategies realign incentives around the most influential aspects of healthcare delivery — cost intelligence, quality outcomes, and stronger levels of engagement and collaboration among patients and providers.It’s this realignment of incentives and behavior which can drive a new level of efficiency for your Medicaid program.

You can expect value-based strategies to:

  • Control costs by using bundled payment models and high-performance networks comprised of providers and facilities that have demonstrated positive outcomes and lower costs.
  • Drive quality through individualized, patient-centered treatment plans, and by realigning incentives to reward providers who enhance the provider-patient relationship and deliver responsible, long-lasting care.
  • Ensure a seamless patient experience by providing convenient access to providers, promoting patient-provider relationships, and helping patients through the entire care process.



Technology’s Critical Role for medicaid

To help you realize the full benefit of value-based care in your Medicaid program, SKYGEN USA’s technology-enabled solutions support value-based strategies such as episode-of-care claims administration and alternative payment models, provider contracting and credentialing, and member engagement. We partner with you to align your business, providers, and members in communication and in action. Together, we can improve the way your healthcare program is delivered.



Redistributing Healthcare Dollars for Better Outcomes

Value-based strategies entail large-scale change across people, process and technology. These strategies are proven to address the market problems of cost, quality and patient engagement and satisfaction. With SKYGEN’s technology- enabled solutions and strategic services, we can help you tailor your value-based approach to better align incentives, and also:

  • Create a more efficient healthcare program
  • Extend higher-quality care to all who need it
  • Maintain good stewardship of taxpayer dollars



Learn More in Our AHIP Webinar on September 6, 2018

Join me and Deborah Gracey, Principal at Health Management Associates, for answers to your questions on value-based strategies in SKYGEN USA’s September 6th AHIP webinar, Winning Value-Based Strategies For Budgeted Health Care, at 1pm CST.

Takeaways will include:

  • Recognizing how adopting value-based care principles like bundled payments can help control costs in both the short- and long-term
  • Understanding the role big data analytics and other technologies can play in finding high-performing providers who will deliver better, less costly care
  • Realigning incentives in your own programs to encourage providers to focus on a longer-term, lasting approach to responsible care
  • Encouraging members to seek interventions earlier and actively engage in their health

Register today and invite your colleagues to join us as we share important insights into this essential approach for budgeted healthcare programs.


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Kate Grohall is responsible for oversight, development and implementation of SKYGEN USA’s value-based healthcare strategies, services and products. She helps the organization’s clients by approaching healthcare as an ecosystem where the interests of all stakeholders must be balanced by engaging them in performance measures across cost intelligence, quality clinical outcomes, and the patient/provider care experience.

Ms. Grohall carries a passion for translating the concepts of value-based healthcare to the front lines where the impact is demonstrated daily to patients, providers, staff, employers and the community. She has been a speaker on healthcare value delivery and partnership for healthcare payment reform programs at national and state healthcare quality conferences, and holds a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership and Quality from Marian College of Fond du Lac.

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