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Infographic: How Using A Centralized Service Creates Significant Time Savings When Credentialing

By Lance Stewart

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

Imagine if instead of going to one supermarket for your weekly groceries, you had to visit individual stores to pick up each item on your list – even similar items such as specific fruits and vegetables. Your shopping trip would be extended to a needlessly long time, and your total cost would likely be much higher.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Yet that’s the way payers typically have approached provider credentialing.

Fortunately, a new method in credentialing is replacing that “one-at-a-time outreach” process with more of a “supermarket” approach. Instead of having to contact each provider individually, payers can look up providers through a portal and subscribe to completed applications and support materials in minutes.

The infographic below provides more details on the benefits of using a credentialing service. If you want to save time, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy of your provider networks, you’ll definitely want to give it a look.

About Lance Stewart

JAs SKYGEN USA’s Chief Growth and Marketing Officer, Lance Stewart is a champion for the company’s technology-enabled solutions, bringing new and innovative products and services to existing clients and markets as well as exploring new opportunities created by the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. He is focused on helping payers and delivery systems transform their organizations by taking advantage of everything from large enterprise administration and technology initiatives to individual point solutions that solve specific needs. With his strong commitment to exemplary client service and collaborative approach to both internal and external relationships, Mr. Stewart has a demonstrated ability to help players in the healthcare continuum grow their businesses while reducing costs, improving operations, and serving their members more effectively.

Mr. Stewart has an extensive background in helping organizations add new customers, enter new markets, and launch new products and services. He joins SKYGEN USA from Medecision, a leading software as a service (SaaS) population health and risk management company, where he was Senior Vice President and Market President. Prior to that, he held positions as Vice President at GNS Healthcare; Vice President, Healthcare Payers, Providers, and Infomediaries at eMids Technologies; and Senior Sales Executive at McKesson Health Solutions.

Mr. Stewart holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Tulsa. He has also served in leadership roles for multiple healthcare associations, such as America Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and HIMSS, to drive improvements and innovation across payers, providers, and their constituencies.