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Infographic: The value of a centralized Credentialing Service for providers

By Mike Lessila

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

There’s good news for every provider who has gone through the tedious, repetitive credentialing process to join a payer’s network while thinking, “there must be a better way.”

The infographic below shows how SKYGEN USA’s centralized Credentialing Service can make credentialing a “one and done” proposition for providers. In other words, you provide the information one time, online, in less than 30 minutes. Then when you receive credentialing requests, you just refer the payer to the Credentialing Service, where they can subscribe to the information.

The Credentialing Service even sends reminders when you need to re-attest or update information. It couldn’t be easier.

If you’ve ever wondered why credentialing has to be such a pain, you’ll definitely want to give the infographic a look. 

Mike Lessila


As Director of Credentialing Services, Mike Lessila is responsible for all of SKYGEN USA’s credentialing-related services and operations. This includes leading the internal credentialing function, working on growth strategies to increase the Credentialing Services provided to clients and managing SKYGEN USA’s Credentialing Service Hub and its rapid growth in the industry.