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skygen usa webinar: 

Using Analytics and Value-Based Models to Give Teeth to Dental Plans

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

Dental is constantly changing and continually facing cost pressures.  Understanding how to create efficiency and how to deliver greater value is a must for dental insurers to win in today’s competitive marketplace.  To give teeth to dental programs, insurers have the opportunity to reduce costs and improve the quality of care with analytics and value-based payment models.  

In this webinar, Marcel Tetzlaff, SKYGEN USA's VP of Provider Experience and Dental Benefits Management and Judy Greenlea Taylor, DDS, MPH, FICD, FACD, Dental Director, CareSource Georgia will demonstrate how to:

  • Improve the efficiency and appropriateness of care by identifying and encouraging best practices and creating provider education opportunities to minimize fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) and inappropriate care
  • Give members access to quality care by identifying and rewarding high-performing providers
  • Discover opportunities for optimizing benefit costs through reimbursement analysis
  • Elevate the provider experience by rewarding dentists who meet higher standards and designing creative benefit plans