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skygen usa webinar: 

Winning Value-Based Strategies for Budgeted Healthcare

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age


Keep members healthier while reducing benefit and administrative costs. When this happens, the ability to deliver more and better care – even in a fixed-budget program such as Medicaid - becomes greater. But how do you apply those value-based reimbursement strategies, many of which rely on patient and provider engagement, within a government-sponsored plan?

This webinar examines the value-based strategies payers and MCOs must adopt to succeed with budgeted healthcare programs.

  • How big data analytics can help organizations design and negotiate bundled payments, ensure quality health outcomes with reliable reimbursement levels, and manage their budgeted dollars more effectively
  • How to build high-performing networks that include a tiered structure for providers and facilities, directing members to lower-cost alternatives (such as acute care clinics rather than emergency departments)
  • How to encourage members to see providers proven to deliver top-quality outcomes at a lower cost
  • How realigning incentives, creating an exceptional patient experience, and delivering responsible, long-lasting care can drive both better outcomes and lower costs

You'll learn how to:

  • Direct members to providers who deliver high-quality outcomes at a lower cost, as well as to lower-cost alternatives.
  • Realign incentives around building strong patient-provider relationships to create an exceptional patient experience.
  • Deliver responsible, long-lasting care focused on maintaining wellness…and more!