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Ensure your program dollars are being spent most efficiently and effectively, with SKYGEN USA.

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

SKYGEN USA helps payers determine if their reimbursement model(s) are helping to encourage and realize appropriate and efficient care. Through analysis of reimbursement schedules and methodologies, we uncover inefficiencies at the program and provider levels, and then develop reimbursement models that optimize benefit spend.

SKYGEN USA’s Reimbursement Models:

  • Analyze reimbursement for balance
  • Compare to national data
  • Align methodologies with goals
  • Examine code categories
  • Evaluate incentives

SKYGEN USA has deep expertise in advanced reimbursement approaches, including fee-for-service (linked/not linked to value), value-based reimbursement built on fee-for-service architecture, and population-based payment. Our Reimbursement Model services help drive the most appropriate and efficient care.