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SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service

Credentialing is now more cost effective, convenient and less burdensome for providers and payers.

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SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

Dramatically Reduce the Burden of Credentialing in Healthcare

The days of time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive processes to obtain the credentials needed to build and maintain a provider network are over.

The SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service (SCS) replaces those administrative burdens with a technology-driven approach that is designed to streamline the entire credentialing process and remove the frustration of this challenging but necessary function for both providers and payers.

Our secure, efficient, online credentialing hub enables:

Dentists optometrists and other providers
To upload their credentialing information one time, rather than filling out multiple requests, then store and manage it online.

To electronically subscribe and download credentialing information on-demand rather than sending requests to providers and waiting weeks to receive the information.

No more paperwork. No more filling out the same information over and over and over again on a paper application. No more constant phone calls between payers and healthcare professionals before providers can be officially added into a network. No more 6+ month wait times to enter a network and see patients. No more headaches with credentialing!

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ADA Credentialing Service

Benefits for dentists/Providers

No more filling out confusing, time-consuming paperwork for each network you wish to join. Once you are registered on the secure SCS portal, you can enter your information and any attachments one time – ­ a process that takes roughly 15-20 minutes. From then on you can refer payers to SCS when they request credentialing information. The credentialing application is customized according to your responses to questions, eliminating the need to fill in unnecessary information. Your data is fully encrypted and secure, and can be updated online at any time. The SCS will even send you reminders as licenses and insurance expire or when you need to re-attest. And it’s all free.

NOTE: SCS is only available to dentists at this time. Access to the service for other specialties will be available soon.

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ADA Credentialing Service

Benefits for Payers/Networks

Health plan payers, states, managed care organizations, networks, and others that need to obtain credentials for healthcare professionals can do so quickly and easily by subscribing to SCS, saving money while resulting in quicker network approvals. The automated system eliminates the need to send expensive and frustrating paper applications only to wait weeks for them to be returned. Instead, you can instruct your providers to use the SCS, where you can download available records electronically on-demand. There are no subscription fees or setup costs; you only pay for the files you download. You can also opt for primary source verification services and ongoing monitoring (available for an additional fee). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  Who can use the Credentialing Service?
  • Today:  SCS is focused on serving the needs of the dental industry
  • In the near future:  Any dental or vision professional who needs to be credentialed by a network 
  How does it work?

In summary, here is how the credentialing service works:

  • Dentists, Optometrists, etc.
    • Enter and securely store your credentialing information in the SCS for free 
    • Receive automated reminders to update information that is incomplete or expiring
    • Keep the information up to date and attest every 120-180 days


  • Insurance plans/networks, etc.
    • Perform outreach and drive providers to enter their information electronically into the SCS
    • Search the SCS to see if a provider has a completed application available
    • Once found, there are two options:
      • Subscribe to the provider’s profile and pay a small fee for 12-month unlimited access to the raw, provider application information
      • In addition to the item above, contract with SCS to perform primary source verification or ongoing monitoring for an additional fee
  Why should I use the Credentialing Service?

Basically, because it saves time and money. Through extensive testing, we have found that it takes 15-20 minutes for a provider to complete the application for the first time, and a few minutes each year to re-attest and keep it updated. 

Payers save time and money by eliminating the need to mail credentialing applications to providers, wait for responses, and follow-up. All the information they need is available instantly on the payer portal whenever they need it.

   What does the credentialing service cost?
  • The service is free for all medical providers to input and store their information
  • Networks, insurance plans, MCOs, etc:
    • There are no joining fees and no setup fees
    • Only pay for provider information that is downloaded
    • Once registered, you can subscribe to a provider’s information. Subscriptions are $4.50 for a 12-month access period. You can download the provider information as many times as you wish in the 12-month period
    • Subscriptions can auto-renew at the end of 12 months, if desired

If you wish to utilize our services for primary source verification, please contact us for current pricing.

  What do I need to get started?
  • If you are a provider, please click this link to download a checklist that will help you gather all of the information required before you begin entering your information into the SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service. By gathering this information up-front, most providers can expect to complete the online entry process in 15-20 minutes.


    When you are ready to proceed, please click on the “Providers Sign Up Today” button above to complete the registration process and begin.


    If you have previously registered for the SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service, you may log in at any time to enter or edit your credentialing information using the current username and password you specify. Your password can be changed at any time.


  • If you are a payer/network and would like to subscribe to download files, please click on the “Payers Sign Up Today” button above. A representative from the SCS will be in touch with you soon to complete your registration and ensure you are set up to use the service.
  What information is captured in the Credentialing Service?

Please click this link to review the checklist of required information.

  Do you provide primary source verification services also?

Yes, we can also provide primary source verification services.  If you are an insurance plan, MCO or other organization in need of these services, please contact our Subscriber Support team at or 855-934-9825 to learn more.

  Is my data secure?

Yes. Your data is stored by SKYGEN USA, an experienced developer of software for the healthcare insurance industry. Your data is secured using leading security practices. Please see our privacy policy for details.


If you have any questions, please contact us for additional details: or 855-934-9825

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