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On-Demand Solutions

Today’s immediate access to online functionality has generated high levels of expectation for fast, simple, and efficient experiences. SKYGEN USA’s On-Demand Solutions help healthcare payers transact critical business processes with their members and providers on-demand and in real time, when and where they need it. Implemented by our team of experts, our On-Demand Solutions enable clients to satisfy member and provider digital needs in today’s technology-driven environment and quickly achieve positive business results.

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

Provider Data  Management

SKYGEN USA’s Provider Data Management Solution maintains pristine data for payers at every stage in the provider data life cycle. This on-demand solution brings provider data management into the digital age across contracting, network development, credentialing and provider data verification.

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Credentialing Service

SKYGEN USA elevates the entire provider credentialing process to the digital age to alleviate the administrative burden from both payers and providers and create a highly efficient “one and done” experience. Our Credentialing Service delivers on-demand electronic download of provider records and drives faster network approvals.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Management Solution delivers lower costs, new revenue streams, and faster revenue cycles to healthcare payers and their providers. This SKYGEN USA on-demand solution includes a powerful rules engine, online authorizations and real-time EOBs and payments.

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