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Professional Services

SKYGEN USA’s Professional Services offer payers a highly consultative approach to advance their businesses and implement and integrate our next-generation, technology-enabled solutions. Our industry, technology, and business process experts help our clients achieve their strategic and operational objectives, positioning them for sustainable growth. We leverage proprietary tools, business practices and training approaches that will help enhance performance, increase productivity, streamline operations, and ultimately increase return on investment.

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

Enhanced Benefit Management & Analytics

SKYGEN USA’s Enhanced Benefit Management & Analytics (EBM) services maximize dollars and provider network performance by using robust data healthcare analytics to uncover factors affecting benefit management program cost. Our EBM consulting services go much deeper than other solutions, using sophisticated predictive and prescriptive analytics bolstered by our deep knowledge in dental program administration to pinpoint recommendations for improvement.

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Implementation Services

Let our experienced project team take the lead. Our Implementation Services experts work in close partnership with you to deliver a complete, tested, fully functioning solution that meets your defined business requirements — on time and on budget.

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MEDICAID Transformation

We’re partnering with MCOs and State Medicaid administrators on a shared mission to reinvent Medicaid benefits administration. SKYGEN USA’s Medicaid Transformation consulting service, known as CyberBen, is transforming Medicaid program stewardship and producing the most efficient Medicaid plans in the country.

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Value-Based Strategic Consulting

SKYGEN USA partners with Holista, an affiliate company with expeienced Value-Based Strategy consultants who collaborate with payers to design and implement value-based programs that advance the most influential aspects of healthcare delivery: cost analytics and transparency, quality outcomes, and service. These strategy consultants help tailor and execute value-based healthcare approaches that integrate our clients’ unique goals, market factors and operational readiness, and align all key stakeholders toward a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

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