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MEDICAID Transformation

Every year, billions of U.S. healthcare dollars are wasted on program inefficiency, lack of access to quality care, low member engagement and, in some cases, Medicaid fraud.

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

SKYGEN USA is actively working with our MCO partners and state regulatory agencies to re-invent Medicaid administration through the development of a technology and operational strategy, what SKYGEN USA calls CyberBen, to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Allocate more dollars to care
  • Protect the vulnerable

CyberBen is a new set of technology objectives built to re-engineer the way healthcare benefits are delivered to produce the most efficient Medicaid health plans in the country. SKYGEN USA CyberBen strategy offers technology-driven standards to help Medicaid administrators proactively elevate program stewardship and launch their organization into the digital age of healthcare by pursuing five key objectives:

Our expert team helps Medicaid payers implement these technology-driven standards throughout their operations. SKYGEN USA’s Medicaid clients are successful in containing benefit management costs, achieving higher provider and member satisfaction, reducing overhead and remaining in compliance with state regulations.