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benefits PLatform Checklist

SKYGENUSA Powering Healthcare for the Digital Age

is your platform limiting growth in your dental and vision business?

Your specialty benefits platform may not be maximizing savings and efficiency. See how your platform may be holding you back - and how SKYGEN USA's solutions can power your automation for the digital age.

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  Tired of shoehorning dental or vision onto a medical benefits platform?

SKYGEN USA’s experience and laser focus on the technology and processes of specialty benefits helps our partners optimize their dental and vision benefit plans. Operations run smoother and provider and member satisfaction levels are higher with a solution designed for dental and vision.

  Do changes in your benefit plan configuration require IT?

Our platform puts configuration tools in the hands of our users. Our tools help payers drive automation, further innovation, cut costs and meet aggressive growth goals.

  Are you missing out on the savings and stability of a modern cloud-based platform?

Discover the benefits of migrating to a secure, compliant, cloud-based platform designed for specialty benefits. Savings can be realized through our cloud partnership which allows your IT team to focus resources and priorities on your core business.

  Are your auto-adjudication rates greater than 98%?
We pride ourselves on our claims processing accuracy and efficiency. SKYGEN USA’s platform is designed for high volume, automated claims processing and features auto-adjudication rates greater than 98%, faster claims payments and minimal manual intervention.
  Do your HEDIS scores meet NCQA benchmarks?
We foster high levels of provider and member satisfaction through electronic relationships including self-service web portals and efficient provider data management and credentialing. Our clients see reductions in provider and member calls and increases in provider and member satisfaction rates.
  Are you just a number to your benefits administration vendor?
SKYGEN USA works closely with our clients to optimize their dental and vision benefits products and fine tune their processes. We lessen the anxiety of migrating to a new SaaS platform through our comprehensive implementation process, a commitment to training and an ongoing partnership.

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